Steps to Create a Search Engine Friendly Website

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Best practices for Search Engine Friendly Website

Accurately describe the page’s CONTENT

“Content is King” All the search engines loves new and fresh content. Put the right content on the page and enjoy on top of the search result of search engines. Verify the content of the page before uploading to server make sure that Do you provide the reason? Why visitor spend more than few seconds for reading and visiting across your pages.You just ask some questions, Whether you are providing quality contents to the visitor of of the website.


Always put title to the page, Never let the page with default title or Blank title .Choose the title for the page which strongly describes the content of the page. Avoid choosing a title which show no relation with the page content. Each of your web page must have their own unique title tag. Its helps search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo to distinct pages from others. Never use single title tag for all the web pages, It will almost kill your website on Search Engine. Title tag is one of the most useful tag for On-Page SEO. Title can be short or long, If your tile is too long google or other search engines will only show a portion of it on search result page. So do not use lengthy tile and not stuff non-useful keywords in title tags.


Like the human being search engines also looks for the summary of the matter. And summaries can be defined for the each page. A “Description” meta tag provides summary of the matter to all the search engines, By which search engines understands that what the page want to describe. Never copy and paste entire content to the Meta description, It is bad manner and search engines will ignore your page for their search result. Use unique description for each of your web page.


From an SEO points of View, A website URL structure should be like this.

  • Meaningful : An SEO friendly URL should have website content related keywords with any punctuation marks.
  • Straightforward : URL should have straightforward and simple to understand, It could be lead to better crawling result of your web page on search engines. URL’s having numbers and alphanumeric works can cause ignorance from search engines

Google recommends use of hyphens(-)  instead of underscore(_) in URL, Since google treats string with underscore as a single word.


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