Data Security

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Data is the very is small piece of information stored in any medium as rows and columns in our databases, personal computers or tablets and network servers. Data may be in wide range of information from person files to big secret files. Data can in forms which is may not be readable for a human being.

In a very simple terms Data Security is practice of keep data to protected from illegal theft, hacked, altered , or corrupted. The goal behind the data security is to insure the privacy of the data. Now date it is very important to be cautious on your data security because of the Internet. There are many number of way to unlock your computer from software solutions to hardware mechanism. Here are the some widely used data security techniques….


The word “encryption” comes from Greek word “Kryptos”, Which means hidden or secret. Data, Often referred as PlanText, is encrypted  us an algorithm and an encryption key. Which generates a cipher text. This cipher text becomes meaning less till the decryption process done. Decryption of the cipher text can only be done by using right encryption key. Encryption algorithm’s are divided in two categories : symmetric and asymmetric  

In symmetric key ciphers uses the same key for the encryption and decryption of the message or file. this technique is much more faster than asymmetric encryption, But the sender must share the encryption key with the receiver of the message to complete decryption of the message.

Asymmetric cryptography, Which also known as public key cryptography uses tow different keys as Public and private. The public key can be shared with everyone but Private Key must be keep secret.

Strong User Authentication

Strong authentication is any method of verifying the identity of a user or device that is intrinsically stringent enough to ensure the security of the system it protects by withstanding any attacks it is likely to encounter. Your computer of data center must authenticate the incoming logon request. Authentication may includes Password, One-time password, smart card event finger print.

Backup Solutions

The goal of Data Security can not be achieved without having regular backup system. You must keep a strong data backup system, because  there is always a chance that your data can be compromised. You could suddenly be hit with a malware infection where a virus destroys all of your files. Use a backup software, which keeps your data copying to other location in regular interval.


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